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History of Buchanan Dam church of Christ


In the early spring of 1961, Bro. Hal Smith (minister for the Burnet church of Christ) and Bro. Alfred Collins of Inks Lake (member of Burnet church of Christ) started a survey of the Lake Buchanan area for a count of members of the church of Christ. There were meetings concerning this survey and the numbers it provided in the homes of Bro. and Sis. M.C. Hill and Bro. and Sis. Ben Miller, both of Golden Beach. On May 15, 1961, it was decided to start meeting regularly at the Miller’s or Hill’s for worship services. Bro. Mike Newby (member of the Burnet church of Christ) served as the preacher for the recently started church. Meetings were held for some time at the Miller’s and then in the home of Bro. and Sis. Frank Overstreet as Bro. Newby continued to preach.

With a permanent site being needed, Sis. Lillian Dean donated the land adjoining her home on Lakeshore Drive for a building to be erected. On November 11, 1961, the ground was cleared. Then on July 5, 1962, construction of the building began with Sis. Dean turning the first spade of dirt, and Bro. Hill also in attendance. The first service held in the new building occurred on September 30, 1962. Then on October 7, 1962 dedication services were held by the church for the new building. A basket lunch was served at noon and the dedication services were held at 3:00 pm. Approximately 150 people attended including Bro. W.H. Hill, Jr. (minister at that time for Buchanan Dam) who conducted the services and Bro. Alfred Collins (Buchanan Dam) who gave the invocation. Bro. Hal Smith (Burnet) gave a talk on the history of the Buchanan Dam church, Bro. Silas Howell (Llano) spoke on the history of the local gospel ministry, and Bro. Lynn Nobles spoke on “Being a Christian.” Bro. Vernie Collins (Buchanan Dam) and Bro. Darrel Debo (Bertram) led the singing. And in conclusion, Bro. Leland Fluitt gave the benediction. Guests included people from Houston, San Angelo, Riverside (CA), West Wego (LA), and many locals. The membership grew through the years and in 1973 an addition was made for extra classrooms, a foyer, and an enlargement of the auditorium.

Those preaching at the Buchanan Dam church of Christ since Bro. Newby and Bro. Hill include:

 Bro. Herbert Newman, Bro. Maurice Kempner, Bro. Jess Hall, Bro. Doug Aston, Bro. M.A. Wright, Bro. Joe Slater, Bro. Doug Wood, Bro Ted Reed, Bro. B.C. McCarley, Bro. Tim Ayers, Bro. Don Coles, Bro. Clyde Freeman, Bro. Willis Jernigan, Bro. Leon Bridges, and currently Bro. Clayton Arnold